Biden and Trump are a joke. America deserves better.

The current field of potential presidential candidates for the 2024 election is less than ideal. Only a minority of Americans support the current front runners, Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Neither of these candidates is particularly appealing, especially given their advanced ages. Additionally, neither candidate has had a particularly successful track record. 82-year-old Joe Biden would be almost elderly by the time he would take office, and Donald Trump would be 78. The average American is only 38 years old. This leaves much to be desired in terms of generational change and forward-thinking leadership. Therefore, the Democratic Party must find a replacement for its sitting President, and the Republican Party must replace a former President who has the strong support of almost half of his Party.

President Biden has the lowest approval rating of any incumbent since the 1950s. Even Democrats have lost faith in him: 67% agree that the economy is doing poorly, 78% believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction, and 64% favor another candidate for President in 2024. Among his false steps, President Biden has allowed extremist progressivism to dictate the Democratic Party’s mantra with slogans that include “defund the police,” abolish immigration enforcement, shun capitalism, re-label women as “birthing people,” and inject “anti-racism” into the classroom (all to the delight of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck), replacing the mainstream, “big tent” Democratic Party voice. The result has been an increase in radical left influence in the Biden Administration comparable to the radical right’s impact on the Trump Administration.

No wonder a July survey by The New York Times and Siena College found that 94% of Democrats under the age of 30 would favor almost any candidate over President Biden. The early polls similarly indicate that a majority of Americans would not favor another run by former President Trump, most significantly because of the threat he presents to American democracy. It, therefore, isn’t surprising that most young Americans said they wouldn’t vote for either Biden or Trump in a 2024 rematch. A majority of Americans simply have had enough of both.

Former President Trump says that the system is rigged. Most Americans agree with him, but they think he is just trying to rig it himself. The Trump Administration hasn’t done anything to make things better. But some people think he might be a good President again in 2025. A lot of Republicans still support him, even though they know he might not have new ideas. It would be hard for a Republican politician to oppose him because they might get in trouble. So what should they do?

It’s hard to say what the right move is for Republicans at this point. If they continue to support President Trump, they risk being seen as complicit in his alleged crimes and being rejected by the majority of Americans who don’t think he should be president again. However, if they oppose him, they risk losing the support of Trump’s base and being seen as traitors to the Republican party. It’s a tough situation for them, and there is no easy answer.

The Democratic Party needs a new leader. President Biden has been ineffective, and he’s not getting anything done in Congress. He should resign and let Vice President Kamala Harris take over. Harris is more capable and will be better for the country. This would also give Americans a chance to judge her leadership abilities before the 2024 election. The Republican Party is still in thrall to Donald Trump, and they’re not thinking about what’s best for the country. It’s time for the Democrats to step up and show some leadership.

Some people think that Joe Biden could be a good choice for the Democrats in the next election, but that’s not likely to happen. Former President Trump is not going to let anyone else take over the GOP, especially because he still has a lot of support from Republican voters. Ron DeSantis is currently in second place in the polls, but no one else has a lot of support from Republicans. The Republican Party is different than it used to be. It’s no longer based on conservative values like fiscal restraint and international relationships. Instead, it’s now based on supporting President Trump. Even though half of Republicans still like Trump, there are other Republicans who don’t agree with him on everything. So it might be possible for someone who represents conservative values to run as a Republican and win.

The choices for President in 2024 are likely to be unappealing, which is a bad outcome for America.

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