The Lonely Realist is a bridge across the partisan gap, raising questions and making pointed observations about politics, economics, international relations and the markets. Its goal is to raise awareness and inspire thought on controversial issues that impact America and Americans, highlighting issues that should be, but rarely are, the focus of bipartisan discussion.

In seeking to promote dialogue, The Lonely Realist is not an advocate of conclusions or remedies. To the extent perceived biases leak into these pages, as they sometimes do, please ignore them. They are inadvertent missteps. 

  • “America’s politicians need to place America’s interests first.” – The Lonely Realist Americans do not want a Biden-Trump ticket. They want Joe Biden and Donald Trump to put their egos aside and step aside. America’s best interests should be their priority. Make America First! President...

  • “Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” – Yogi Berra TLR recently presented a reality-perspective to Cassandra and received the following reaction. THE REALIST:        Good morning Cassandra. I understand you are pressed for time today. CASSANDRA:          Good morning Mr. Realist. I apologize, but I do...

  • “Educational excellence is the lifeblood of American Exceptionalism. It is incumbent on America’s educational institutions to ensure that excellence.” – The Lonely Realist It’s time to revise academic tenure. The quality of American education has fallen, it has fallen fast and it’s continuing to fall....

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The Roy Cohn Defense

“Donald Trump is a master of The Roy Cohn Defense. Will it continue to work for him?” – The Lonely Realist SPOILER ALERT: That would be a good bet. Roy Cohn was a famous New York lawyer who gained notoriety in the 1950s as lead

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The Politics of Education

“By every measure and employing any number of standards, America’s education system is failing.” – The Lonely Realist Shockingly, America ranks behind 21 other countries in math, reading and science. The world has progressed and American education quite simply hasn’t. Progress requires the decision to

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William (Bill) Natbony is The Lonely Realist, its author and originator. The opinions expressed in TLR are solely Bill’s opinions, have not been edited or reviewed, and do not reflect the views or opinions or any other person.