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Letters to the Editor: 9/4/22

A letter to the editor in response to this week’s The Lonely Realist:

My undergraduate major was “Government” and my specialty was American defense policy – which, at heart, amounted to game theory. It was clear that what kept America safe internationally was people and governments believing when we said: “This you must not do.” We’ve lost that and so the world is a hugely more dangerous place.

The Lonely Realist replies:

The primary job of America’s President, Congress and the leaders of both Political Parties is to keep America and Americans safe. The point of this week’s TLR is that they must act quickly to ensure that America’s allies do not cut America off from sensitive intelligence-sharing.

An additional email response:

So the government raids the former President’s home because he was keeping documents critical to national security. Then the government releases a heavily redacted search warrant that was signed after 60 days of contemplation by the person who was denied a confirmation hearing to become a member of the Supreme Court. Why the delay? (Only a cynic would think the two month delay was to change the discussion just before the midterms of how this administration has performed so badly.)

After releasing the heavily redacted search warrant, a photograph of top secret folders is leaked to the press along with a series of other innuendos. This is eerily similar to the Russian collusion fiasco that was debunked after tens of millions of tax payers dollars were spent. I’m only surprised that urinated Russian hooker photos were all edged to be part of what was found.

Our country is in trouble.

The Lonely Realist replies:

The concern raised in this week’s TLR is not about the reality or unreality of the DOJ Affidavit, about whether the assertions in the DOJ Affidavit are based in fact or fiction, or about whether former President Trump did or did not mishandle state secrets. Instead, TLR sees a serious problem in the potentially disastrous impact that the assertions of former President Trump will have on America’s security and intelligence-gathering ability unless immediate action is taken by President Biden and Congress to address the problem. A former President, or even a sitting President, should not have the power to (1) retain and remove classified documents from the White House, (2) store classified documents in unsecured locations, or (3) treat state secrets as being declassified without a formal review and notice process.

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